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This website contains the genealogical research of Mary Kathryn Harris. Mary K. began researching her family's genealogy over forty years ago and has been piecing together the web of her ancestor's family lines ever since. Most of the information she collected was hand typed on various typewriters overy the years. These pages have grown to fill over 58 large 3 inch binders. This website is an attempt to move this hand typed information into a digital, searchable format that is freely available to everyone. Mary K. coauthored the three volume book James Stark of Stafford Country Virginia and His Descendants in 1985 which can be found at many public libraries across the country.

What's New

This is the list of the most recent ancestors to have been updated.

01/11/15 01:56 PM      Robert Parks      Added John Parks
01/11/15 01:56 PM      John Parks      Added John Parks
01/11/15 01:55 PM      Benjamin F. Parks      Added Benjamin F. Parks
01/11/15 01:47 PM      William Benjamin Parks(1856)      Added William B. Parks
01/11/15 01:41 PM      James Lafayette Parks/Harris(1882)      Added James Parks/Harris
01/11/15 01:33 PM      Serafin ?Sarah? Berger(1888)      Added Sarah Berger
08/30/13 09:53 AM      Lora Roberts(1894)      Lora Roberts married Joe Robert Patterson
06/01/13 12:11 PM      Bowdean Cocreham(1895)      Bowdean Cocreham
05/30/13 06:29 PM      Mabel Emma Cocreham(1890)      Mabel Emma Cocreham
05/30/13 05:31 PM      George Francis Cocreham(1888)      George Francis Cocreham
05/30/13 05:17 PM      Ollie Blanche Cocreham(1884)      Ollie Blanche Cocreham married Hubbad L. Herring
05/29/13 08:29 PM      Arthur Ellison Cocreham(1880)      Arthur Ellison Cocreham
05/29/13 08:28 PM      Alva Vernon Cocreham(1878)      Arthur Ellison Cocreham
05/29/13 08:19 PM      Alva Vernon Cocreham(1878)      Alva Vernon Cocreham
05/29/13 07:51 PM      Emmett Edward Cocreham(1876)      Emmett Edward Cocreham
05/29/13 07:48 PM      Emmett Edward Cocreham(1876)      Emmett Edward Cocreham
05/29/13 07:14 PM      Emma Woods Ellison(1856)      Death of Cecelia Kate Cocreham
06/20/12 12:59 PM      Thomas Edward Gescheidle(1882)      ar
06/18/12 10:43 AM      Almeda Gescheidle(1880)      Almeda Roberts, daughter of Pauline
06/13/12 04:19 PM      Pauline Elizabeth Roberts(1858)      Pauline Elizabeth Roberts, daughter of Jacob
06/11/12 03:35 PM      Matthew B. Roberts(1809)      Matthew B. Roberts
06/11/12 10:01 AM      Isaac ?Ike? Roberts(1801)      Isaac Roberts
06/08/12 09:54 AM      Carol Harriet Fetz      Hugh Alexader Roberts
06/06/12 04:37 PM      Jesse Willard Roberts(1919)      Jesse Willard Roberts
06/01/12 11:35 AM      Mary Edith Glover(1893)      James R. Roberts
05/28/12 12:48 PM      Pleasant Marion Lemay(1845)      Pleasant Marion Lemay
05/28/12 11:59 AM      Albert Sidney Zimmerman      Pleasant Marion Lemay
05/26/12 04:11 PM      Jaley Priscilla Roberts(1851)      Edward Sweeney
05/24/12 10:42 AM      Peter McKee      Levi Ashbrook
05/23/12 03:23 PM      Camelia Jane McMinn(1847)      Camelia Jane McMinn
05/23/12 08:34 AM      Lewis Allen Lemay(1813)      Pleasant Marion Lemay
05/19/12 11:09 AM      James Griffin Mabry(1819)      Death of James G. Mabry
10/06/11 11:28 AM      Mildred Inez Roberts(1926)      Mildred Inez Roberts daughter of Houston Terril Roberts
10/06/11 11:27 AM      Clemon Muse      Mildred Inez Roberts married Clemon Muse
09/14/11 10:15 AM      Charles Featherston(1908)      Charles Featherston
08/09/11 04:23 PM      Harvey Claude Tally(1879)      Harvey Cllaude Tally
07/19/11 02:44 PM      Matilda Sanders      Minerva Ann Mabry, daughter of Abigail Roberts
07/19/11 10:42 AM      James Griffin Mabry(1819)      Abigail B. Roberts married James Griffin Mabry
07/09/11 09:28 AM      Alfred ?Buster? Matthews Dunnahoo      Ethel May Murphy
06/08/11 11:25 AM      Henry G. Anderson(ca 1814)      Henry G. Anderson
06/08/11 11:10 AM      Caroline Elizabeth Willingham(1817)      Alfred Willingham
06/08/11 10:51 AM      James P. James      James P. James
06/06/11 03:24 PM      Alexander Chalmus Roberts(1861)      Alexander Chalmus Roberts
06/06/11 03:22 PM      Bob Brown Roberts(1902)      Bob Brown Roberts
04/12/11 10:57 AM      Alfred B. Sturdivant(1853)      Alfred B. Sturdivant, son of John Clark Sturdivant
03/03/11 05:05 PM      Clyde Howard Roberts(1901)      Clyde Howard Roberts, son of Jacob Garland Roberts
02/25/11 11:28 AM      Sudie Henderson(1871)      Sudie Henderosn, daughter of Sarah A . Thornton
02/24/11 10:46 AM      Wyona Jane Roberts(1922)      Wyona Jane Roberts, daughter of Claude Woodfin Roberts
02/07/11 04:44 PM      Hattie Henderson(1868)      Hattie Henderson
02/04/11 03:37 PM      Amanda ?Mandy? Henderson(1865)      Amanda Henderson
02/01/11 05:07 PM      William Jordan(1821)      Parents of Demarius Reed, wife of William Jordan
01/16/11 04:57 PM      Ethel Fern Thornton(1928)      Ethel Fern Thorton daughter of Daniel Thornton Jr.
01/15/11 05:11 PM      Daniel Arthur Thornton(1924)      Daniel Arthur Thornton, son of Daniel Thornton, grandsoof Daniel Roberts Thornton
01/15/11 08:48 AM      Jefferson Storey Harris(1902)      Jefferson Storey Harris Death Certificate
01/15/11 08:42 AM      Augustus Storey Harris(1888)      Augustus Storey Harris Death Certificate
01/14/11 10:39 AM      Victoria Carpenter(1840)      Martha Carr married John Hiram Parr
01/11/11 12:16 PM      Sarah Sturdivant(1828)      Sarah Sturdivant, daugter of Pleasant Sturdivant
01/11/11 12:00 PM      Josiah Merrick Sturdivant(1800)      Josiah M. Sturdivant son of Benjamin Sturdivant
01/11/11 11:38 AM      Willie Blassie Roberts(1881)      Willie Blassie Roberts
01/11/11 11:33 AM      Hansford Wiley Farris(1917)      Hansford Wiley Farris, son of Willie Blassie Roberts
01/07/11 12:01 PM      Reba Irene Brantner      Columbus Erastus Thornton, son of Daniel Roberts Thornton
01/07/11 11:21 AM      William ?Bud? Alison Roberts(1917)      William A. Roberts son of Lee Roberts
01/06/11 11:06 AM      Hester Ann McCoy      Hester Ann McCoy, wife of Robert Jefferson Carr
01/03/11 05:17 PM      James Abel Gilliland(1856)      James Abel Gilliland, son of Grenade Drake Gilliland and
01/03/11 05:15 PM      James Abel Gilliland(1856)      James Abel Gilliland, son of Grenade D. Gilliland and
10/29/10 09:24 AM      Helen May Sturdivant(1829)      Helen May Sturdivant, daughter of Josiah Merrick Sturdivant
10/24/10 05:33 PM      Lula Stone(1898)      Lula Stone Webb, daughtr of Fredonia Neatherlin
10/21/10 12:01 PM      Laura Carr(1867)      Laura Carr, daughter of Robert Jefferson Carr
10/16/10 11:34 AM      Josephine Hurst(1854)      Josephine Hurst, daughter of Sarah Roberts, daughter of Abraham
10/15/10 10:30 AM      James Abel Gilliland(1856)      James Able Gilliland som of Perlina Roberts, grandson of Abraham
10/14/10 11:27 AM      Evie Turbiville(1899)      Evie Turbiville, daughter of May U. Roberts
10/14/10 11:17 AM      Edna Rebecca Turbiville(1896)      Edna Rebecca Turbiville, daughter of May U. Roberts
10/14/10 10:48 AM      Alexander Crownover(1888)      Alexander Crownover, son of May U. Roberts
10/08/10 12:07 PM      Ada Mae McBride(ca 1906)      Aaron Robert Crownover
10/08/10 12:06 PM      Ada Mae McBride(ca 1906)      Aaron Robert Crownover
10/08/10 10:54 AM      May Ulysses Roberts(1866)      May Ulysses Roberts, daughter of Alexander
10/08/10 10:16 AM      Wert Crownover(1860)      May U. Roberts (Alexander)
09/28/10 02:20 PM      Charles Edward Coons(1877)      Charles E. Coons, son of Martha Jane Roberts
09/16/10 11:46 AM      Otis Ardell Teague(1883)      Odis Ardell Teague, son of Mary V. Coons
09/14/10 10:17 AM      Mary V. Coons(1858)      Mary V. Coons, daughter of Martha Jane Roberts
09/10/10 11:20 AM      Benjamin L. Coons(1873)      Benjamin C. Coons, son of Martha Jane Roberts
09/10/10 10:55 AM      Ella Delores Coons(1870)      Ella Coons, daughter of Martha Jane Roberts
09/09/10 10:42 AM      James C. Coons(1862)      James C. Coons, son of Martha Jane Roberts
09/08/10 08:50 AM      Martha Jane Roberts(1837)      Update of Martha Jane Roberts, daughter of Abraham
07/31/10 11:28 AM      Aaron Robert Crownover(1885)      Aaron Robert Crownover
07/26/10 11:52 AM      Dr. Alvin Boyd Williamson(1873)      Ola Crownover, daughter of May Roberts
07/26/10 11:08 AM      Honzie Teich Miller Wright(1926)      Honzie T. M. Wright Jr.
07/26/10 10:19 AM      Nancy Prudence Strawn(1897)      Nancy P. Strawn, wife of Honzie T. Wright
07/20/10 04:34 PM      Samuel ?Donnie? J. Henderson(1864)      Samuel J. Donnie Henderson, daughter of Sarah Ann Thornton
07/16/10 11:21 AM      Jesse Calton Roberts(1920)      Jesse Calton Roberts, son of Houston Terril Roberts
07/16/10 08:22 AM      Josiah Merrick Sturdivant(1800)      Wife of Josiah M. Sturdivant
07/14/10 12:02 PM      Amanda Jane McLaughlin      Amanda Jane McLaughlin wife of James H. Roberts
06/22/10 10:25 AM      Asa Pullen(1820)      Asa Pullen
06/22/10 08:48 AM      Rachel Sturdivant(1783)      Asa Pullen
06/04/10 10:24 AM      Jerome McAlister(1847)      Emma Hanks Henderson
05/10/10 04:33 PM      Minnie Julia Roberts(1888)      Minnie Julia Roberts (Joseph E.)
04/28/10 02:24 PM      Samuel Webster Carr(1855)      Eva Carr, daughter of Samuel Webster Carr
04/25/10 01:16 PM      Winfield S. Helm(1879)      C
04/23/10 05:06 PM      Joseph Pinkney Henderson(1859)      Joseph Pinkney Henderson
03/30/10 03:42 PM      Alice Elizabeth Henderson(1853)      Alice Elizabeth Henderson